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In a world when things are suppose to get easier, often we are found pushing string up hill, and our valuable spare time is eroded away.

Tools that can allow use to get the free time back are welcomed, this "Lay The Day" beting bot (software), has this in mind, plus the built in options improves your ability to profit from Soccer, whilst enjoying the things in life that are important to you and your loved ones.

Here at winningmore, we feel very proud of this Lay The Draw specfic software. As far as we know this is the only software of it's kind.

Our intention at is also to provide our clients this tool at low cost possible (13p per day), so that they can get some competitive advantage over the mug betting public. 

Simple to use and with extra options, that are included to give you the edge.

You maybe saying, "I can Lay the Draw anytime before the match starts and head off out for the day", and yes that is true.

However, you could not exit the bet with a profit before the match ends, or secure (heavens forbid) a loss, that is not all the stake involved.

Plus we have the added options you can use, like time option when to place a back bet and get out, if your profit figure in not reached by that time.

Plus set a Profit percentage you are happy with to lock in a profit before the game ends (don't you hate injury time goals).

Plus set a loss percentage, so you can salvage part of your stake so that it is not all gobbled up.

Other added features to the Bot are:

  • 0-0 Correct Score Option (insurance against a nil-nil game)

  • Set Back Bet Timer, in the event of a game not trading out by a certain time, you can force the software to place a back bet and get out of the trade (Bet).

  • No Back Bet option, you can use this option if you want to lay the draw only at a certain odds range.

  • You can bet to liability for the Lay The Draw if you should wish to.


Watch this Video to see what the Software Bot Offers.





Software Interface.


Seven Minute Video showing Lay The Draw,

with the 0-0 Correct Score Insurance.

In the above video, you see how we use the correct score 0-0 to act like an insurance in case we can not trade out of the match because of a 0-0 score line.

In this video, I mention 50% coverage of the stake, that is an error it is 50% of the laying liability.


This Five Minute Video, shows using the Timer Backing Option.

 How to use the timer backing option box.

Remember once this option is activated, then at the time you set the timer, will be activated, if the % profit or loss trigger has not been actions. Also once actioned that is the end of the trade.




This bot is not complicated, very user friendly, I use mine on a Virtual server in the UK, so I don't have to worry about internet or power failures. If you are in Australia, this is one option you can also use.

Plus I can access the software from anywhere, you can of course use it on your windows based pc.

If you are based in Australia, you can not use the bot, (without a VPS or VPN) as it requires inplay betting which is not possible for people in Australia.



What the Bot WILL NOT Do.

1. Place bets on games, unless you select the games (you should research the games.)

2. I am NOT saying that you will become millionaire by using Lay The Draw bot but it is one step towards making more profit than you are doing today.

3. Think for you, it will only bet to the settings you select before you start the software.

4. It will not run 24/7, you need to at least once a day to restart and load the new days matches, select the game or games you want (quick and easy.) As all the games are listed, you only have to double click on the ones you want.


What Can The Bot Do.

1. Bet when you are not there, if it is set to do so.

2. Bets to the instructions you set, providing the odds are available.

3. If you are in decent profit at any stage of the game, YOU should get out of the trade. But can you do it every time correctly???…answer is NO. There will be some days when you will be caught in emotions and your hard earned profit from many games will be gone in just one bad trade.

4. Records all bets that the bot only makes. so you can see the value in it.

5. Add a new avenue of income for you, and interest.

6. Enable you to bet more matches, even when you are a sleep..use the added features to improve you quest for PROFIT.

Message From Michael, the Creator.

We have built this tool with lot of passion. Close to 5 months of development efforts have gone into building this bot. 

Developing any in play bot for Soccer market is a challenge because market suspends in every soccer game when there is a yellow/red card or when there is a goal scored and then the market restarts. 

So, you can guess how difficult it is for automated bot to examine when the right time to close the trade because market takes time to build up again.

Also keeping in mind, the cut off date for Betfair New API – API NG was 1st Nov’14, we have built LTD Soccer bot on API NG format only, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
I am sure you will find LTDSoccerBot exciting and should give a try. We plan to sell next 50 copies  at discounted price , so all our good customers should get a chance to try this bot at a discounted price.
Thanks again for your support and belief in us.

What is the word?

after a few days in the public, Mel is impressed...

And Derek writes....



  1. Do we have any default value for % loss and % profit?

Yes, we have set up default value of 15% profit and 30% loss to avoid unnecessary losses for clients who forget to enter the field values. If you want to use only % profit and not loss %, then I would recommend you enter unrealistic value like 1000% in loss your  draw bet will only be initiated once you hit the your required profit % or otherwise it will be a straight loss on Lay bet if match ends in a draw.

2.Can I bet some information on minute by minute what my bot is doing?

Yes, the bot updates the log file every 30 seconds (when the bot is running). In the log file, you can see what is exactly happening with the bot. There is one log file for each day.
You can access it here on the link below
C:\Program Files (x86)\Profit Sports Betting Software\LTD Soccer Bot\log_files

3.Do you advise any standard settings for the bot ?

No, we don’t advise any standard settings for the bot as it varies from match to match. However, as general trend says, lot of goals happen in the 2nd half of the, you should keep larger buffer for loss% in order to avoid stop loss trigger.  Say keep 200% as Stop loss.  Don’t worry, it is just 200% of stake and not liability.

4.Can the bot execute multiple matches at same time?

Yes, the bot will execute all matches as listed in selected market option. It can execute any number of matches as long as it is running Ok and connected to internet without interruption.

5.Can I add more matches into the running bot?

Yes, you can add more matches into the bot. But don’t look for matches on the bot to you may accidently add wrong match into the bot by double clicking it. It is strongly recommending to look at the match first on Betfair website or any other sports website and if you want to add this match into the bot, then simply double click and add it into the selected markets.  Avoid unnecessarily double clicking of the mouse in the match listing

6.Can I change settings for running Bot?

No, it is strongly recommended to not to change the settings for running bot. You can add the matches to same settings but no change in bot settings.

7.Can I close the running bot?

Yes, you can close the running bot and whatever bets you have placed on Betfair at that time, they would continue to be there and no new bets will be placed by the bot.

8.Is there a delay in placing live bets in soccer?

Yes, Betfair takes around 15 to 25 seconds to place the bets while the match is in play.

9.Will it be an exact % loss and % profit the bot target?

Yes, the bot target exact % profit or % loss figure in the match but by the time , the bot reacts and the Betfair allows the bot to place the bet ( which is 15 to 20 seconds) , the price would have moved. So, you will get higher % or higher loss % than expected. So, it is strongly recommended to keep at least 5% tolerance on that.

10.Do I get all updates of this software free?

Yes, you will get all updates free as long as your subscription is valid.

Q 11 - Does liqudity on Betfair for particular match impact the performance of the bot ?

Bot works on all matches with same logic ( as per criteria as set up by the user) but liquidity plays a very big role. If liquidity is very poor, bot would be forced to assume a winning match as a losing match based on poor liquidity. Because bot is reading only the pirces and not the it is strongly recommended to use good top class leagues or cup matches for LTD bot .




You are Welcome to Grab the User Guide,

it will show you how to use the software.


Grab The User Guide Manual Now.




As Michael mentioned in his message, we are selling the next 50 copies of the Lay The Draw Software, at £59.97 for the 12 month licence, that is a £10.00 saving on the recommended £69.97

We find this is the best way to reward our loyal clients, as they purchase first, and they deserve to lock in the lowest possible price.

So, if this software interests you, then please GRAB it EARLY, otherwise you may have to pay the higher PRICE.

Why are we selling a 12 month licence ONLY?

The reason is most softwares need constant maintence and updating to keep them current and performing, plus they need housing on servers, which are also a constant cost.

So in order to keep the softwares affordable we do 12 month licences, if you purchase the licence at the earlybird discount, then you will have that price ongoing for the renewals.

This is not an auto renewal subscription, you will be invited to renew at the end of the 12 months.






One Year's

Licence to use the software, for the use on one PC or server.

Lay The Draw.

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Lay The Draw Strategy ebook.

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This is for PCs and Laptops,

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